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Six women in the military, I want you so Jav School beautiful "rushed to the battlefield!"

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Elena deligioz is not actually a military image, but from the Russian beauty uniform so many hearts by sloshing as beautiful as an angel. If the army soldier Elena deligioz may be the most beautiful woman in the world!

LEXX Jones has a British and American health and beauty, when you from the uniform to the women's clothing, beautiful like a completely reborn. No one would recognize her seriously and powerful soldiers with a gun.
Maria domark Millie is famous because it looks like a doll and colourful bridge perfect body. A woman from the Israeli army in a model representative of the professional brand swimsuit, grandpa.
Please China female soldiers from Shu has bright eyes and smiling face photos very much to eat! When wearing uniforms or clothing as a bodyguard for Shu, looks chic.

In some countries, the number of female soldiers, although no more than your beard, but they are able to detonate a lot of clandestine warfare, because between you beauty is very beautiful.

The follo…

Insólito piquete de contrabandistas en Tucumán

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Un grupúsculo de pequeños contrabandistas cortaron la Ruta Nacional 9 en protesta por los controles de Gendarmería.

Un grupo de 70 personas que se dedica a ingresar mercadería ilegal al país desde Bolivia, realizó una insólita protesta al cortar jav mom durante unas horas a ruta nacional 9, para reclamar por los operativos que llevan adelante las fuerzas de seguridad que, en lo que va de 2017, permitieron evitar el contrabando de productos por más de 200 millones de pesos, según un informe de la Gendarmería.

La protesta fue protagonizada por alrededor de 70 personas que anoche realizaron un corte parcial de la ruta nacional número 9, a la altura de Tapia, en territorio tucumano, de aproximadamente tres horas, según agregaron voceros de las fuerzas que llevan adelante los procedimientos.

Los manifestantes, que se dedican al denominado "contrabando hormiga" desde Bolivia, se quejan por los constantes operativos que realiza Gendarmería, con el apoyo de las fuerzas poli…

Venezuelan court granted Maduro to Constituent Assembly

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The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) of Venezuela asserted through a ruling that President Nicolás Maduro has the authority to convene a "communal" Constituent Assembly , without prior consultation in a referendum.

"The Constitutional Chamber of the TSJ considers that it is not necessary, nor constitutionally binding, a previous consultative referendum for the convening of a National Constituent Assembly," the ruling said. He also indicated that Maduro "exercises indirectly and through representation of popular sovereignty", as well as other organs jav daddyjav Lesbians of public power that can convene a Constituent Assembly: the National Assembly and the municipal councils in the town hall.

"It is in the village, as holder of sovereignty, In whom the original constituent power resides.

However, Article 348 (of the Constitution) states that the initiative to exercise the constitutional call responsible, among others, the President of the Republic in th…

They claim that Trump is considering withdrawing from the US. Of the pact against global warming

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Media reports said it would leave the Paris agreement. The president will announce his decision in a few days. But there are strong divisions in government and Allied pressures.

Donald Trump seems to be enjoying this moment of suspense in which the world waits expectantly for his decision of greatest global impact. Several jav School US media announced today that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Agreement, the pact by which most countries pledge to curb the emission of gaseous pollutants. But despite the strong rumors, nothing is still safe as it transpired that there were strong bids in the cabinet on the issue and the president warned that he will announce his decision "in the next few days." I could take some middle ground.

Signed at the end of 2015 in the French capital by more than 190 countries under the auspices of the United Nations, the agreement aims to limit the rise of global temperature with the gradual reduction of greenhouse gases. It was a histo…