They claim that Trump is considering withdrawing asian massage videos from the US. Of the pact against global warming

Media reports said it would leave the Paris agreement. The shemale porn president will  announce his decision in a few days. But there are strong divisions in government and Allied pressures.

Donald Trump seems to be enjoying this moment of suspense in which the world waits expectantly for his decision of greatest global impact. Several jav School US media announced today that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Agreement, the pact by which most countries pledge to curb the emission of gaseous pollutants. But despite the strong rumors, nothing is still safe as it transpired that there were strong bids in the cabinet on the issue and the president warned that he will announce his decision "in the next few days." I could take some middle ground.

Signed at the end of 2015 in the French capital by more than 190 countries under the auspices of the United Nations, the agreement aims to limit the rise of global temperature with the gradual reduction of greenhouse gases. It was a historic achievement that the two most polluting countries in the world, China and the United States, endorsed this pact and a key milestone in Barack Obama's policy that sees global warming as a crucial threat to the planet.

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Although China and Europe try to minimize the effects of a potential withdrawal, Would mean a real snub to the rest of the powers and a major blow to global environmental initiatives. Only a few countries like Syria or Nicaragua have refused to sign the pact.

During the election campaign, Trump had promised to break the deal by considering that the regulations it imposed hurt the development of US industry and certain sectors such as coal. The magnate had even questioned the existence of global warming and had come to classify it as a hoax of scientists. In fact, he named Scott Pruitt, an official hated by the "green" organizations, at the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, a body that saw its budget drastically reduced.

However, during its first months of administration Trump had not spoken about the promise of withdrawal of the agreement and had issued contradictory signals. Yesterday morning several media outlets reported from some White House sources that Trump would announce this week that he would break the agreement, but other sources said he still had not decided. In fact, the president came out with a tweet in the middle of the rumors and noted: "I will announce my decision on the Paris agreement in the next few days" and culminated in his classic slogan "Make America great again" Big again "), which could mean he would respect his campaign promises.
There were strong bids on the subject in the cabinet. On the one hand, the most extremist sectors, led by adviser Stephen Bannon and the head of the Environmental Agency, Pruitt, advocated abandoning the pact because they believe it is influenced by environmental organizations that could legally harm Trump and its policies. On the other hand, the more moderate ones such as Chancellor Rex Tillerson and the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, favored the United States. Remained in the agreement. Ivanka, the president's favorite daughter and White House office, is among the last group to argue that it is better to remain within the Live AV pact in order to promote more favorable US policies.

In recent weeks Trump has been put under strong pressure for and against, inside and outside the White House. In the tour of several European countries that just finished hearing several alert voices of leaders of the Union and was even one of the great points of discord of the G-7 meeting. Pope Francisco himself personally insisted on the importance of fighting globally against global warming, an issue so urgent for the Pontiff that he jav teen gave him a copy of the encyclical he wrote about it.

In the United States, in addition to the obvious opposition of environmental organizations, a dozen large companies like ExxonMobil, DuPont, Google, Intel or Microsoft, pressured Trump not to abandon the agreement.

But there are also voices against the covenant. Experts at the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation pointed out that the treaty had to be approved by the Senate and that it would only bring few environmental benefits and considerable economic damage. In addition, Trump's voters in the "Deep America", industrial and coal, expect their leader to keep his promises because they expect him to promote employment.

Tossed by each other, Trump could take alternative paths to keep the world from being shaken. By decree, he has already taken measures that clash with the Paris Accord, such as Obama's Clean Power Plan decree, which cut emissions. Without definitively abandoning the pact, Trump could promote a relaxation of internal commitments or even ask the Senate to endorse the pact, which would send the Republicans hot. In the coming days will unveil the mystery.

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