Enclosed area fuck girl happens: you what time you should drop the "upgrade"?

Huy Tho ta.TS.Nguyen University, former dean PT Ham face, shaped, 108 INVESTMENT BV Army, Vice Chairman of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Hanoi said today her beauty needs Kids are very diverse AV Hong Kong women. There are people who want rhinoplasty, breast augmentation; people are not confident about postpartum vaginal want to retouch slapped so they do not hesitate to intervene to his cutlery more beautiful, more confident. 

Closed area was rundown: When you should "upgrade"?

There are people for not confident about postpartum private parts should want to retouch slap. 
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Dai Huy Tho ta.TS.Nguyen said, in fact, many women self-esteem because of vulvar degradation, rundown after birth. They always said that private parts too bad so reluctant to married couples living so decided to find a doctor to edit the "defects".

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Through examination and surgery, Dr. Tho noticed, sisters after their first child in need surgery most. By following a journey of pregnancy, childbirth, especially for women who often enclosed areas hurt a lot, vagina can not astringent is like maiden make way for bacteria to penetrate and cause inflammation , making your partner feel depressed, down excitement. 

"I think plastic surgery and gynecology should also be seen as" the science "as the cosmetic surgery other, so you really wide door desired performance legitimate" Dr. Huy Tho expressed . 

BS Tho said, for retouch slap enclosed areas, this is the very meticulously so requires technicians must have experience. Doctor will advise the patient directly to the patients who need to edit anything.

"Sewing advice to patients is very important. By the plastic surgeons who help patients complete needs. Doctors point out the content of the surgery and helps people improve the extent and attention must be stressed that the rate of complications the patient may encounter. Since then, the patient understand the work of doctors and patients in collaboration with doctors in the treatment process, "Dr. Tho said. 

Also, tut slap enclosed areas must be performed in a sterile operating room. Operating room must meet the criteria, themselves doctors, nurses must be sterile, sterile instruments. 

The current state of some technical as aesthetic spa or one of technicians go devout very unscientific, disregard the nature of the surgery, as heavy on the currency. So, if doctors do not do careful to make patients more hug "suffering".


doctor in aesthetic surgery. 

Dr. Tho himself had received many cases environmental collapse baby aesthetic basis shoddy cut the skin flap that looks abnormal genital area. There are cases of excessive vaginal narrowing, causing stricture that no sex life, right to recall him saying that. 

Huy Tho University recommends ta.TS.Nguyen, sisters if not confident about postpartum private parts and needs only to surgery after birth for at least one year, should not be impatient surgery too soon, by genitalia should have at least a year to recover from trauma, trauma during childbirth.

Also, if you want to retouch slap enclosed areas, women have to carefully consider whether your disability to solve anything. Patients can consult with people to question the doctor for accuracy. From there, the doctor will advise on expertise. 

Additionally, when required, to avoid complications occur, the patient should be made in the quality basis.


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