What should and should asian lesbians not do immediately after the "relationship"

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You Dear, Jason t.

Sex is an inevitable part of married life. However, although the faithful monogamy, then both should also pay attention to the safety of sex, including hygiene clean to avoid damage to the organs. There's AV Big Tits healthy genitals then insures good fertility.

You had the sense and hygiene habits after the "relations", this is also good because it keeps you clean. However, you should remember that, after the "relation", a break of about 5-10 seconds then do hygiene and sanitary clean with water only, to avoid abuse of the women hygiene solution. In addition, you also should not rush to take a shower immediately after the end of "fun", prone to cramping due to the muscles being sudden shrinkage. A bath right after the "relationship" sex can be dangerous due to the cold water causes sudden blood vessels, leading to overwhelming and can cause hazard due to rupture of blood vessels.


What should and should not do immediately after the "relationship" 1
Should relax after the end of the "Committee". Photo illustrations

Sexual activity is the activity consumes a large amount of calories, because it stimulates the activity of most of the organs in the body, especially the advocacy agency. The circulatory system, respiratory and digestion can also be in the stretch, resulting in some injuries. After the "love" should relax and should not change status suddenly. You should to the body was at rest, stretch the muscles and dilate blood vessels.

Drink a cup of warm water about 40 degrees C also helps you relax and repair the damage "If" of the gastrointestinal mucosa.

In addition, while "love," the woman's uterus is also in a State of arousal. So, as soon as it is finished, you must let the womb be relaxing. Gas lines inside the stadium not only help maintain the elasticity of the uterus but also enhance sexual performance.
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This method is very simple, just separate the two knees, kneeling in bed, then try to make the waist straight out and bend forward until your uterus feel like stretching out along with the body.

It is true that sex can cause lead to inflammation or infection, genital organs. However, if a little attention and avoid the harmful elements, you can rejuvenate yourself.

This year I've just been married 24 years, 1 month. Before, I just focus on study and later work rather than find out more about the physiological problems, gender. 

I heard the living spouse, if not careful will be vulnerable to infection, including opportunistic infections and urinary tract infections. So, after each "husband-wife relations," I rush real toilet clean with clean water. But I don't know so have ensured yet.

The doctor asked me, I should and should not do anything right after ea
ch "Committee" to preserve good health for yourself? I would like to thank! (T.)


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